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Multiboxing character formations

Multiboxing character formations  | read this item

Ever wondered how those multiboxers make their characters automatically spread apart, forming those neat “formations” with smooth, robotic-like ease?  It just so happens that these precise individual character movements, known as formations, are actually just a clever use of WoW’s built-in movement keys, such as left strafing, right strafing, and moving forwards and backwards.  Once you understand how it works, it is actually very easy to set up.

Our very own Ebony created this guide on how to do character formations in World of Warcraft with Pwnboxer’s key remapping features.  This guide should enable you to impress your entire server with your awesome control of your multiboxing group:

To start, this is what you will make them look like, if done correctly:


Ok so we keep wow as it is so the std keybord config in wow.  First we need a key to use as our movement key.  In this guide we going to use key NumpadO.

Then we need to set up Pwnboxer’s key configuration to make sure we are broadcasting  NumO.

Click Configure Keys -> then go to Add New Key -> then click NumO (it will automatically add it to the list).

Pwnboxer key settings

Now the fun part is to go into Key Remapping in the top right of the screen (blue box round it).

We will want to add the following:

If “Game1″ selected, transform “Num0″ into “Q” on “Game2″

Press add

Then do it for the others

If Game 1 > Num0 > E on game3
If Game 1 > Num0 > W on game4
If Game 1 > Num0 > S on game5

Sso it looks like this:


Then hit “OK” on all of the window boxes to complete your changes.  Next, you will want to save your Pwnboxer configuration.

Next, start up your WoWs (or if started already) Press Num0 and it should move all your guys in a nice, box-like formation!  Note that this assumes you have not changed any of the WoW default movement keys.

There are a lot more powerful ways you can use this in a system but I wanted to keep it easy to show you how to start it out for new members.

I hope this is guide helps you all in what you need to do formations!

Posted by:  Tim         Date:  November 22, 2009         Discussion:  15 Comments         Popularity:  10,071 views
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  1. Nonominator says:

    Thank you Tim!!!

    I never figured this one out until now.
    Prepare for 5 boxing! :)

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Multiboxing is a term used to denote one user playing multiple accounts simultaneously. Typically you will have 1 player controlling multiple characters at the same time.

For example, in World of Warcraft, 1 person may be controlling 5 Shamans at the same time.

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