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How to stream HD/HQ video to

How to stream HD/HQ video to  | read this item

Many people have seen the video stream and have wondered just how this is done.  Perhaps you’ve also watched Lingling, Kaiba12, Eatcarbs, or Catreina.  Heck, maybe you are a FPS fan of games like Modern Warfare 2, Team Fortress 2, or maybe you just want to do HD/HQ video streaming and don’t know how?   Well look no further.

Here is a written guide as well as a 3 part video stream I have made detailing exactly what needs to be done to do HD/HQ streaming from your PC to the JTV network.

Step #0 – Create Account
Duh! – Live Video and Chat for Everyone

Step #1 – Get Software

Download and install Adobe (FME) Flash Media Encoder 2.5 (NOT 3.x) . FME3.x is far, far slower (~400% slower) than FME2.5.
Do not run FME
Download and install VHScrCap

Step #2 – Set up VHScrCap

Run Start MenuHmelyoffVHScrCapConfig.exe
Select “Create new one”
Click Settings, Frame rate to 30, only have Align Video, Show mouse, Show clicks checked, nothing else (for full resolution)
Click Capture, Do not click any boxes, click Select, click the window desktop of the monitor with your WoWs
Close the VH Screen Capture Driver dialog

Step #3 – Create batch file for FME

Create c:fme folder
Notepad c:fmejustin.bat with this info:

"C:Program Files (x86)AdobeFlash Media Encoder 2.5FMEcmd.exe" /p c:fmejustin.xml

Replace the path to FMEcmd.exe if you installed to a different directory.


Run Flash Media Encoder 2.5. Select the sound capture device that you wish (Eg. Stereo Mix). Then select “Save Profile”. Then open up that file you have saved and locate the following line:

<device>Line In (Realtek High Definitio</device>

Note: It will have the name of the audio device you selected. Cut/paste that entire line into a new notepad document for step #4. You may now close the profile you opened up as well as the FME graphic interface.

Step #4 – Create FME XML

Notepad c:fmejustin.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
        <device>Line In (Realtek High Definitio</device>

            <keyframe_frequency>5 seconds</keyframe_frequency>
            <quality>Avg Quality - Great Framerate</quality>

Edit the Width, Height, and be sure to cut/paste in your audio device as listed in step 3.5. Go down to the Save options and make sure to select UNICODE!

Next, you need your stream ID. To get this JTV stream ID, log into JTV and then click here. This will download a file to your desktop. Open up that file and locate the following line:


The stream ID will be listed there. Cut/paste into the XML file justin.xml in the correct section.


Open up your justin.xml file and locate the following line:


The datarate of 1000kbps is enough for a decent quality stream. However, if your internet connection upload speed is high enough, it is recommended to change this number to between 1500 on up. Give it a few tests to find that “sweet spot” where you can stream high quality as well as not have any internet issues with a bitrate too high for your internet connection.

Step #5 – Start streaming!

Simply run the justin.bat file and it should pop up a black window that scrolls some stats about FPS and bitrate. Now you’re streaming!

Too tired to show more now, hopefully somebody can respond to this thread with some screenshots.


Below are videos of how to do the above actions to help assist you in setting this up:

How to stream HD/HQ video to 1

How to stream HD/HQ video to 2

How to stream HD/HQ video to 3

DIGG THIS: World of Warcraft LIVE video streaming – Multibox video!

Posted by:  Tim         Date:  November 12, 2009         Discussion:  48 Comments         Popularity:  58,440 views
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  1. Catreina says:

    Just a note. For Justin.TV, with the batch file, I would suggest putting in a timeout so that you can get the window minimized or moved appropriately so that your private info cannot be seen on the stream. This is how four of us gaming casters were hacked the other day, and I want to make sure noone has this issue if at all possible.

    Simply place the following at the beginning of the batch file, before the launching line:

    echo When ready

    This will allow you time to move the window to a second monitor, or prep to minimize the window.

    That is all

  2. Catreina says:

    Oh, one other thing.

    I have had a tutorial (not as extensive as Tim has provided) that I usually point people to, if I am not helping them set up their streams directly as I did with Tim.

    You can find screenshots and video tutorials at my Justin.TV page (

    I will link them here as well for convenience:

    VHScrCap Configuration Video:

    FME 2.5 Command-line Configuration Video:

    VHScrCap Config Screenshot:

    FME 2.5 Config Screenshot:

  3. Tim says:

    Good stuff for sure, thanks Catreina!

  4. Catreina says:

    If anyone needs assistance, just give me a hollar. I can help with setting up or tweaking the stream if necessary. Just know that you need to specify that you are from – I tend to give a bit of rudeness to people who ask questions that are answered in my tutorials, and I don’t want to do that to you all with this invite out there for ya! =)

    • iconik says:

      Hey cat i was wondering if you could help me get my stream up and running. I play games all day long and have a decent comp. I figure i could stream. If you have time let me know

    • timmyo says:

      I’d love some help. Both with getting the stream to show my whole desktop and getting the Stereo mix sound to work. I would greatly appreciate it!!! :)

  5. jal says:

    I think the VHScrCap configuration utility is now called “VHScrCapDlg.exe” and not “VHScrCapConfig.exe”. At least in my downloaded version.

  6. Coyotegrey says:

    Everything’s working great except I don’t have audio from my desktop streaming through. I only have audio from my mic. In AFME I looked for audio options besides mic but none are coming up. Please, help!

  7. Tim says:

    Try using Stereo Mix, which you first have to enable. Google “enable stereo mix windows 7″ and such.

  8. XxVetisxX says:

    Hey Tim :) Thank you so much for the help. Thanks to you, and the guide I am having a very good time broadcasting all sorts of stuff on to I also am thanking you for letting me post a link to my channel in this Comment. Hopefully I can start getting more feedback on my channel. Here it is Thank you Tim.

  9. Xoung says:

    I followed everything you done above but I ran into one problem, I can broadcast and everything but once I run my game it wont capture the game and go completely black.

  10. gutharius says:

    The backslashes were stripped from the Batch Script code sample. It should read:

    “C:Program Files (x86)AdobeFlash Media Encoder 2.5FMEcmd.exe” /p c:fmejustin.xml

    • gutharius says:

      dang it it did it again.

      Ok when you paste the below line into your batch command replase all the dahses with backslashes.

      “C:-Program Files (x86)-Adobe-Flash Media Encoder 2.5-FMEcmd.exe” /p c:-fmejustin.xml

  11. Offlinewarrior says:

    When I run my batch file it opens and then closes almost instantly. I’m pretty sure I followed the guides to the letter, so idk what could be the problem and have attempted to figure it out for hours on end. I can stream using just VHScrCap or FME by themselves, but VH has bad quality with high frame rates, and FME has high quality with low fps.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

  12. Offlinewarrior says:

    Well I figured out the problem with the batch file is that it says it is not recognized as an operable program or batch file. But I don’t see where I went wrong with it. Please any help would be loved!

  13. Offlinewarrior says:

    Well I have went past the batch file saying it was inoperable to it running some things talking about FME THEN closing… sigh.

  14. t3n5i0n says:

    Yes I am having some of the same problems you are warrior. Along with that, when I get a good stream to work (both VH and FME) it only shows a very very small portion of my screen. Not sure what to do at this point, still trying to tweak the code but I’m pretty sure its getting me nowhere, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • squalozero says:

      you may check your justin.xml file and at the line:


      change the resolution of yours, that’s may fix the problem of it shows a very small portion of your screen …

    • squalozero says:

      you may check your justin.xml file and at the line:

      width 1920 width
      height1080 height

      change the resolution of yours, that’s may fix the problem of it shows a very small portion of your screen …

  15. squalozero says:

    well i need some help because in the bat file i copy and paste the code:

    “C:Program Files (x86)AdobeFlash Media Encoder 2.5FMEcmd.exe” /p c:fmejustin.xml

    but the /p returns me an error, any suggestion on this ???

  16. Tim says:

    Try running the .bat file from a command prompt first to see what the error is, this way it won’t scroll super fast.

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