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5x Shamans on Youtube: Start to 22!  | read this item
5x Shamans on Youtube: Start to 22!
Here are 4 videos freshly put on Youtube of the 5x Shamans multiboxed together with 3 being controlled by Tim, and 2 being controlled by Kevin (Chamassa). The videos are uncut and show the rawness of what it is to level up as a
Multiboxing Dire Maul Gordok Compound  | read this item
Multiboxing Dire Maul Gordok Compound
Here is the final leg of the Dire Maul instance journey, Gordok Compound.  As with the other recent videos done by Tim, this was features the 3x Hunter group, which really is tearing it up quiet nice. Enjoy the video!
WoW Multiboxing Eye of the Storm Level 46 on 3x BM Hunters  | read this item
WoW Multiboxing Eye of the Storm Level 46 on 3x BM Hunters
Here is another PVP video of multiboxing 3x Hunters.  We obliterated this battleground pretty hard core.  One of the major pros to doing this BG was that the action was always really close to where your spawn point is at.  You never really had to run far before being able to punt some more Alliance Gnomes.
Multiboxing Instance: Razorfen Downs  | read this item
Multiboxing Instance: Razorfen Downs
At level 42 we did Razorfen Downs (RFD) on the 3x Beastmastery Hunters.  We obliterated this really well.  One of the most fun parts of this instance was being able to do very large elite mob pulls, often doing 3+ groups at once.  The gear drops for hunters was pretty good. Enjoy the high-def video!
Video (47 minutes) of Multiboxing Scholomance Instance @ Level 41 3x Hunters   | read this item
Video (47 minutes) of Multiboxing Scholomance Instance @ Level 41 3x Hunters
This video is of the 3x Hunter multiboxing team of Tims and we used the LFD system to que and ended up in Scholomance. The hunters are 41, BM spec, and have 3 dps/pvp pets (wolf, fox, dog)  and 3 tank pets (bears).   We tore through this place pretty hard core.  The only big difficulty was on those undead mobs who, upon death, get back up and start walking towards you and then explode.  All in all, the instance was a breeze.  Enjoy the
Video Multiboxing Cataclysm Dire Maul Capital Gardens 3x Hunters  | read this item
Video Multiboxing Cataclysm Dire Maul Capital Gardens 3x Hunters
This instance we did Dire Maul – Capital Gardens on our 3x Hunters. Today we decided to go the BM spec route and holy crap, we pwned the hell out of this place.  My favorite part is how we dinged at the end.  Also, thanks to the live JTV chat to helping me with a little direction on where to go. It has been a long time since I ran DM. Enjoy the video!
Multiboxing BG - Arathi Basin 3x Hunters Level 46  | read this item
Multiboxing BG – Arathi Basin 3x Hunters Level 46
The 3x Hunter team by Tim is back!  This time we played around on the 3x Hunters with Arathi Basin.  This BG has a high bracket I believe of 49, while we are 46.  This means we are pretty underleveled for this BG.  However…. … we obliterated it, hard core. Here is the 1080p video below, have fun watching it!
Multiboxing Dire Maul - 46 minutes of awesomeness  | read this item
Multiboxing Dire Maul – 46 minutes of awesomeness
In this video the 3x Multiboxers of Tim hit up Dire Maul.  DM (yes, DM, not deadmines, that is VC) is one of my favorite instances.  The instance is really large, however, you don’t feel like time is wasted.  The bosses are pretty meh, but the swirling environment is pretty fun.  Plus there is a room with a big giant tree that kicks doors down which is pretty boss. One multiboxing note for this instance is to be careful for all the stairs and twisty tunnels.  The biggest enemy of a multiboxer is the environment (stairs, doors, etc) as you can often get stuck. Watch how we pwn it up in this 46 minute long youtube video in High Def 1080/720!!
Multiboxing Instances: Maradon Earth Song Falls by 3x Hunters  | read this item
Multiboxing Instances: Maradon Earth Song Falls by 3x Hunters
This video we finally got to show our…arrows right into the fat princess of Maradon. Speaking of which, who is her mother and father? Anyway, we obliterated this instance and had fun with our pets tanking some pretty high DPS mobs for the first time. Midway through the video you will see us tanking 2x of those rock giants, not to mention killing Rotgrip, all by ourselves. Have fun watching this HD 1080/720 video!
Multiboxing Video: SM Armory 3x Hunters  | read this item
Multiboxing Video: SM Armory 3x Hunters
In this video we were multiboxing SM Armory on the 3x Hunter team.  We blew through this instances in under 15 minutes, and we probably could have done it in half of the time. One of the keys to doing this instances, for us, was to group up large numbers of elites, then spam multishot several times, and feign death if we ever had aggro.    This video is in full HD including 720p and 1080p.
3x Hunters Video Adventures: SM Library  | read this item
3x Hunters Video Adventures: SM Library
Here is a quick awesome video of multiboxing SM Library on the 3x Hunters.   Currently the hunters are all 3x MM spec, with a Dog, a Wolf, and a Fox as pets. I’ve learned that multiboxing with Multishot is intensely awesome.   Take a look at the HD video here:
Pwnboxer Development Live Chat 11-20-10 @ 10am CST  | read this item
Pwnboxer Development Live Chat 11-20-10 @ 10am CST
For the first time we are going to do a general Pwnboxer Q+A to get everybody involved on where Pwnboxer is at in general, as well as some ideas you might have, or requests, for features. Saturday 11/20/10 @ 10am
Pwnboxer Owner Live Chat - Bring Your Ideas  | read this item
Pwnboxer Owner Live Chat – Bring Your Ideas
RESCHEDULED!!!   Tim got sick    New date forthcoming! For the first time we are going to do a general Pwnboxer Q+A to get everybody involved on where Pwnboxer is at in general, as well as some ideas you might have,
Multiboxing Stockades with 2 multiboxers  | read this item
Multiboxing Stockades with 2 multiboxers
A little over a week ago, Tim and Rob decide to build a new team of multiboxers with the intent to play together on the new team as much as possible.  The team is built around PVE and PVP, with PVP being more of the focus.  The team is highly specialized and consists of only two character classes. Tim – 2x Priests, currently both Holy spec Rob – 3x Hunters, currently both BM spec The reasoning behind the team composition is that the BM pets should easily be able to tank with the hunters contributing the bulk of the groups DPS, while at the same time healing the pets through pet and hunter talents.  The dual priests will float around spamming Holy Nova
Happy Holidays from omgMooter  | read this item
Happy Holidays from omgMooter
Recently, omgMooter got his early Christmas present from  A Sony Playstation 3.  Lucky guy.  Well, assuming Tim is ever able to sort out getting it to him, he’ll be having a happy holiday.  Well, in return we got a cool little pic from him to celebrate the holidays and to celebrate multiboxing.  So, if you believe in Santa, then you should know that you can multibox Santa for uber amounts of gifts. Thanks for the pic Mooter, and happy holidays.
Major update to Pwnboxer dual-boxing software  | read this item
Major update to Pwnboxer dual-boxing software
Pwnboxer has been updated to today to version 02.01.1213.05.   As is the history of Pwnboxer, the software is constantly evolving with new multiboxing features for World of Warcraft dual-boxers and more.   This version includes a major update with the introduction of our Dockable Clickmapping. What is Dockable Clickmapping? This is an in-game grid that you can click with your mouse to perform 1-to-1 (1 mouse click = 1 keystroke) mouse-to-key mapping to all of your game windows.  This allows you to turn any mouse click on the in-game interface into an in-game keystroke sent to all your game windows.   It is extremely easy to use yet extremely powerful.  Tim, the author of Pwnboxer, has been testing this on various characters so far, including multiboxing up to 10 characters in World of Warcraft (9 Shaman and 1 Druid) at a single time, and can attest for the power of this new functionality. For example, see the in-game interface below:
Pwnboxer Updated Today!  | read this item
Pwnboxer Updated Today!
Tim has put up an update to Pwnboxer, his multiboxing software tool.  He’s fixed a few of the bugs, gave us a better chat channel, added mouse remapping, and more.  Be sure to grab it up! 12/01/09: Pwnboxer has been updated again! We have added the following features:
Team Malaias describes his FTL Setup  | read this item
Team Malaias describes his FTL Setup
Team Malaias was kind enough to share with out how he utilizes what is being known as Focusless, Targetless, Leaderless (FTL) set up for his 5 man multiboxed team.  His team  consists of 5 World of Warcraft characters of the following names and classes: Malaias – Druid Tank Malaia – Elemental Shaman Malaine – Elemental Shaman Malaiah – Elemental Shaman Malaena – Elemental Shaman The Theory The idea behind FTL (Focusless, targetless, leaderless) is to setup multiboxing in a way that you can transparently switch masters without having to change macros, play solo without worrying about the other characters and to not rely on focus or target for group actions. A good article on these forums can be found here:
Multiboxing character formations  | read this item
Multiboxing character formations
Ever wondered how those multiboxers make their characters automatically spread apart, forming those neat “formations” with smooth, robotic-like ease?  It just so happens that these precise individual character movements, known as formations, are actually just a clever use of WoW’s built-in movement keys, such as left strafing, right strafing, and moving forwards and backwards.  Once you understand how it works, it is actually very easy to set up. Our very own Ebony created this guide on how to do character formations in World of Warcraft with Pwnboxer’s key remapping features.  This guide should enable you to impress your entire server with your awesome control of your multiboxing group: To start, this is what you will make them look like,
Tim 10x Multiboxing AV for the first time  | read this item
Tim 10x Multiboxing AV for the first time
You’ve heard about people multiboxing battlegrounds, right?   I’m sure you’ve heard the stories of people running around with 5 characters, wrecking havok to the opposing team.   But what about TEN characters?   The author of the multiboxing software Pwnboxer himself steamrolls Alterac Valley with 10 level 80 characters for the first time. – Gaming Ramdisk

What is multiboxing?

Multiboxing is a term used to denote one user playing multiple accounts simultaneously. Typically you will have 1 player controlling multiple characters at the same time.

For example, in World of Warcraft, 1 person may be controlling 5 Shamans at the same time.

Highlighted Videos – Pit of Saron