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massively MMO 2010 Predictions  | read this item MMO 2010 Predictions
I’m a pretty big fan of’s website and I thought their 2010 MMO prediction list was spot on in some areas. Check out what they have to say in the article below. With 2009 wrapping up today and 2010 lurking creepily around the corner, we’re eager to release our predictions on what the next year may bring to the MMO scene. Even though we try to keep our news relatively neutral, it’s the editorials and opinion pieces that garner the most reaction from the readers. Positive or negative, we appreciate that. So for this last day of 2009, we honor it by giving our own opinions (both positive and negative) about how 2010 looks to us. Follow along after the jump for a few paragraphs from Kyle Horner, Eliot Lefebvre, Seraphina Brennan and me. In addition to our ramblings, we’d love to hear from you as well. So drop us a comment to let us know what you predict for 2010. Eliot Lefebvre 2010 is going to be a worse year for free-to-play than 2009 – Gaming Ramdisk

What is multiboxing?

Multiboxing is a term used to denote one user playing multiple accounts simultaneously. Typically you will have 1 player controlling multiple characters at the same time.

For example, in World of Warcraft, 1 person may be controlling 5 Shamans at the same time.

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