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Multiboxing Halls of Reflection (HOR) Icecrown 5man  | read this item
Multiboxing Halls of Reflection (HOR) Icecrown 5man
Here is the second in a 3 part series of multiboxing Icecrown 5 man dungeons normal mode guides.  You can see our other multiboxing video guides here.   This time around we are doing Halls of Reflection (HoR). Our group consists of the following: 1x Druid Tank 3x Elemental Shaman 1x Restoration Shaman Halls of Reflection (HoR) is essentially a single room with multiple waves of mobs before fighting 2 bosses, and ends with a run from the Lich King himself. The fight starts out with Lady Sylvanas and yourselves in the very room with the Lich King’s sword, Frostmourne.  Uther the Lightbringer appears to still be bound to the sword and he warns Sylvanas to quickly exit before the Lich King comes.  There appears to be some foreshadowing when Uther mentions that there must always be a Lich King, and that the current Lich King is actually helping the people of world.  “Without the control of the Lich King, the scourge of the world would overrun…” Multiple waves of elites will come at your team at once which, if killed quickly enough, will offer
Guide to the new Icecrown 5-mans  | read this item
Guide to the new Icecrown 5-mans
The final assault on the Lich King has begun and its up to you to secure victory for the forces of the Ashen Verdict. Sylvannas (or Jaina if youre one of THOSE people) leads you on a action-packed journey to Arthas’ guest house. The Icecrown Citadel 5-man dungeons are the toughest challenges you’ll find outside a raid, and it doesnt disappoint. The new heroics push every bit of your skill and if you survive… well… good luck in the raid. You’re ready for it. gives us a look at the questline and dungeons that make up the stealth recon assault into the back halls of the citadel. – Gaming Ramdisk

What is multiboxing?

Multiboxing is a term used to denote one user playing multiple accounts simultaneously. Typically you will have 1 player controlling multiple characters at the same time.

For example, in World of Warcraft, 1 person may be controlling 5 Shamans at the same time.

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