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Multiboxing Guides

Auction House Beta Test
World of Warcraft Remote Auction House Beta Test  | read this item
World of Warcraft Remote Auction House Beta Test
The World of Warcraft Remote Auction House beta test is now open for business! The Remote Auction House is a new service in development that lets players access the World of Warcraft Auction House from the Armory website ( or the Mobile Armory app for iPhone and iPod touch (here). Players can browse their characters’ local Auction Houses with the same search functionality available in the game, as well as see the real-time status of each of their current bids and auctions.
Ualaa and his Amazing Alchemy Guide  | read this item
Ualaa and his Amazing Alchemy Guide
Ualaa’s Alchemy (Transmute Guide) Introduction While we can take a single toon and fly about gathering mineral or herbs, the same as any other one-boxer… and possibly even have a few toons doing the same at one time, switching between them. This is not really that much more efficient a means to make gold then we could do as single boxers. Dailies are a decent method to compound our extra characters into more gold then a one-boxer makes, from doing the same thing as one character. It requires a route which is based off of either kills or drops where each toon can loot from every corpse. My current route takes 45 minutes on the first team and an hour on the other two teams, and makes 1100g in the process. But dailies are repetitive and boring, even if they are consistent. It is getting rather hard to make myself run the route each day.
Dual Multiboxing - Multiboxing Blackfathom Deeps 2x Priest 3x Hunters  | read this item
Dual Multiboxing – Multiboxing Blackfathom Deeps 2x Priest 3x Hunters
Tim and Rob’s Priest and Hunter team had a ball running through Blackfathom Deeps (BFD) on their team of hunters and priests.  The team consists of the following: Tim:  2x Priests – Holy Spec Rob:  3x Hunters – BM Spec (Pet spec’d for tanking) The general strategy was to run in, raise hell with aggro, and have the pets tank everything while the Hunters DPS’d with multishot a bunch.  At the same time, the Priests would go nuts casting Holy Nova, both for DPS and for healing. Check out the video below of the actual live run
Multiboxing Stockades with 2 multiboxers  | read this item
Multiboxing Stockades with 2 multiboxers
A little over a week ago, Tim and Rob decide to build a new team of multiboxers with the intent to play together on the new team as much as possible.  The team is built around PVE and PVP, with PVP being more of the focus.  The team is highly specialized and consists of only two character classes. Tim – 2x Priests, currently both Holy spec Rob – 3x Hunters, currently both BM spec The reasoning behind the team composition is that the BM pets should easily be able to tank with the hunters contributing the bulk of the groups DPS, while at the same time healing the pets through pet and hunter talents.  The dual priests will float around spamming Holy Nova
Tim Reviews Roccat Valo - Super programmable keyboard  | read this item
Tim Reviews Roccat Valo – Super programmable keyboard
A week ago I got my hands on the Roccat Valo keyboard.  This keyboard has more programmable keys than you can shake a stick at.  From a multiboxing standpoint, the more programmable keys, the better.  Having endless programmable keys is akin to having more HD space, or more RAM.  The more programmable keys you have, the more options open up for additional strategies and methods. From the Roccat Website: ILLUMINATED KEYS AND DISPLAY for improved key hit rate and vital in-game information 41 MACRO KEYS for ultra long macros with 500 keystrokes plus timing information stored directly on the keyboard 2MB INTERNAL MEMORY for storing 1 Profile-2-Go with 4 layers each including individual macros
Tim reviews Razer Naga MMOG mouse  | read this item
Tim reviews Razer Naga MMOG mouse
A standard mouse has 2, maybe 3 buttons.  A gaming mouse typically has 4-6 buttons.  But what if your mouse had 17 buttons?  Well, the Razer company was so kind as to ship me one of their Razer Naga gaming mice to review.  Yes folks, there is practically an entire keyboard on this mouse!  We are doing a full unboxing and review of their mouse, including all the materials it comes with, to the software setup and configuration and actual use. The specifications of the Naga from the Razer website: 5600dpi Razer Precision 3.5G Laser Sensor 1000Hz Ultrapolling™ / 1ms response time 200 inches per second max tracking speed
Multiboxing Halls of Reflection (HOR) Icecrown 5man  | read this item
Multiboxing Halls of Reflection (HOR) Icecrown 5man
Here is the second in a 3 part series of multiboxing Icecrown 5 man dungeons normal mode guides.  You can see our other multiboxing video guides here.   This time around we are doing Halls of Reflection (HoR). Our group consists of the following: 1x Druid Tank 3x Elemental Shaman 1x Restoration Shaman Halls of Reflection (HoR) is essentially a single room with multiple waves of mobs before fighting 2 bosses, and ends with a run from the Lich King himself. The fight starts out with Lady Sylvanas and yourselves in the very room with the Lich King’s sword, Frostmourne.  Uther the Lightbringer appears to still be bound to the sword and he warns Sylvanas to quickly exit before the Lich King comes.  There appears to be some foreshadowing when Uther mentions that there must always be a Lich King, and that the current Lich King is actually helping the people of world.  “Without the control of the Lich King, the scourge of the world would overrun…” Multiple waves of elites will come at your team at once which, if killed quickly enough, will offer
Multiboxing Pit of Saron - ICC 5-man  | read this item
Multiboxing Pit of Saron – ICC 5-man
Here is the first in a 3 part series of multiboxing Icecrown 5 man dungeons normal mode guides.   Our group consists of the following: 1x Druid Tank 3x Elemental Shaman 1x Restoration Shaman Our gear isn’t too sophisticated, I’d say our average item level is somewhere around item level 219 average, maybe a bit lower. The Strategy The trash is really easy, but not if you aren’t paying enough attention.  You will see that we started out bad at the beginning by losing our tank due to pulling multiple groups at once.  Thanks to 4x Earth Elementals we ended up surviving. Forgemaster Garfrost
Looking at the new Dungeon Finder system.  | read this item
Looking at the new Dungeon Finder system.
When 3.3 launched last week, it introduced a highly-streamlined way of getting into a instance group. Before you could only put your name in for 3 different dungeons. On top of that it was hard to slap together a group that was viable from the scraps that join the LFG queue. Now, WoW does the heavy lifting for you. Itll slap together a viable group (assuming no one lied about their role) that is geared enough to run the content. Not only that, but the player pool is expanded to the battlegroup. Youll even get bonus loot from joining random dungeons. Its a good time to PVE.
The 96969 Rotation.  | read this item
The 96969 Rotation.
Often times here at, we get into discussions where people come forth and confess that they’re completely clueless about something.  This, of course, is where we come some further discussions and some really great guides.  One such discussion led to both Tim and myself saying how much we didn’t know about “96969″.  That sparked not one, but two different looks at the rotation all put into a single thread.  Such wonderful things come from not knowing something. And now a look a paladin tanking.
Team Malaias describes his FTL Setup  | read this item
Team Malaias describes his FTL Setup
Team Malaias was kind enough to share with out how he utilizes what is being known as Focusless, Targetless, Leaderless (FTL) set up for his 5 man multiboxed team.  His team  consists of 5 World of Warcraft characters of the following names and classes: Malaias – Druid Tank Malaia – Elemental Shaman Malaine – Elemental Shaman Malaiah – Elemental Shaman Malaena – Elemental Shaman The Theory The idea behind FTL (Focusless, targetless, leaderless) is to setup multiboxing in a way that you can transparently switch masters without having to change macros, play solo without worrying about the other characters and to not rely on focus or target for group actions. A good article on these forums can be found here:
Click sequences and you - Multiboxing with efficiency  | read this item
Click sequences and you – Multiboxing with efficiency
Ualaa has once again impressed us with an amazing multiboxing guide.  This time he covers a method that can often result is achieving an absolute maximum amount of DPS efficiency, while also allowing the ability to perform a few macro sequences which you are not able to do inside a single macro alone. Using Click for Multiple Castsequences Goal We want to create a master macro, which can be spammed very quickly. Based on our spam speed, we want it to call our damage dealing spells in the order we specify, and to have them recast at the best possible time. We want all this to be accomplished from spamming a single button.
Multiboxing Money Guide - Make 1200+ gold in 1 hour  | read this item
Multiboxing Money Guide – Make 1200+ gold in 1 hour
Our very own Ualaa wrote up an amazing guide for making over 1200 gold in 1 hour on a 5 person multiboxed group! Central Icecrown (264.6 gold) Take from Drosche (top): (1) Blood of the Chosen. Take from Absalan (roams): (2) Slaves to Saronite. Take from Thassarian (side): (3) That’s Abominable, (4) Neutralizing the Plague, (5) Drag and Drop, (6) Not a Bug, (7) No Rest for the Wicked. Take from Boltwrench (below): (8) The Solution Solution, (9) Retest Now. Fly to Valley of Lost Hope (63,51) and from Skybreaker Squad Leader, initiate (10) Assault by Ground. Finish the escort, get the last few kills for Blood of the Chosen, then enter the mine (57,57) for Slaves to Saronite. Return to the Valley and turn in Assault by Ground. Southeastern Icecrown (243.3 gold)
Square One – A Beginners Multiboxer Guide to World of Warcraft  | read this item
Square One – A Beginners Multiboxer Guide to World of Warcraft
Square One – A Beginners Multiboxer Guide to World of Warcraft v0.1 By Zzyzxx71 1. Intro a. Requirements 2. Glossary of useful terms 3. Pros and Cons of Boxxing 4. Methods of control a. Generic Macros b. Assist c. Focus d. NoFocus e. FTL 5. Summary Intro So you want to box? Welcome to the club! It’s an exciting alternative method of gameplay that will introduce you to more challenges than you can imagine!
Multiboxing character formations  | read this item
Multiboxing character formations
Ever wondered how those multiboxers make their characters automatically spread apart, forming those neat “formations” with smooth, robotic-like ease?  It just so happens that these precise individual character movements, known as formations, are actually just a clever use of WoW’s built-in movement keys, such as left strafing, right strafing, and moving forwards and backwards.  Once you understand how it works, it is actually very easy to set up. Our very own Ebony created this guide on how to do character formations in World of Warcraft with Pwnboxer’s key remapping features.  This guide should enable you to impress your entire server with your awesome control of your multiboxing group: To start, this is what you will make them look like,
Ualaa's Recruit-A-Friend guide to multiboxing  | read this item
Ualaa’s Recruit-A-Friend guide to multiboxing
You’ve heard about the Recruit-A-Friend program that Blizzard offers for World of Warcraft, right?  Well, do you also know that multiboxers have been using it to get level 300% faster from 1 – 60, as well as the ability to (over time) grant hundreds of free levels to your various characters? You can RAF (Refer a Friend) from your account management page, for your account, on the world of warcraft main page. I always suggest linking like this: A – B – C – D – E To form a chain like this, you would sent an RAF invite to yourself
How to stream HD/HQ video to  | read this item
How to stream HD/HQ video to
Many people have seen the video stream and have wondered just how this is done.  Perhaps you’ve also watched Lingling, Kaiba12, Eatcarbs, or Catreina.  Heck, maybe you are a FPS fan of games like Modern Warfare 2, Team Fortress 2, or maybe you just want to do HD/HQ video streaming and don’t know how?   Well look no further. Here is a written guide as well as a 3 part video stream I have made detailing exactly what needs to be done to do HD/HQ streaming from your PC to the JTV network.
Lindline multiboxes Ramparts with 5x Shaman - Makes guide video  | read this item
Lindline multiboxes Ramparts with 5x Shaman – Makes guide video
Lindline blows through Ramparts with his 5 multiboxed shamans and destroys the instance. Trash Strategy – 3-packs are mostly random during the first wing. Priority on killing is Destroyers, Darkcasters, Hungerers, Archers, Worgs. Destroyers are a heavy damage melee mob with a small knockback which can eat through a party member if not dispatched quickly. Darkcaster do moderate damage with their real threat coming from their AoE damage, which isn’t much of a threat for solo-boxers but can cause an issue with a tightly packed multiboxer. Archers and Hungerers dont do much damage and can be worried about last. Worgs aren’t much of a threat at all and will be eaten up by AoE (such as shaman chain lightning).
Necrimus' video multiboxing guide on ToC normal  | read this item
Necrimus’ video multiboxing guide on ToC normal
Necrimus has created a great video guide on how to multibox the entire ToC normal mode and farm those epics! He does so with his 5 characters, 1x Pally tank, 4x Shaman. The first part, the joust, starts with lining all of your characters up against the wall. You will notice he positions his guys directly up against the wall, back facing everything, and pulls the joust parts 1 at a time. He stands still the entire time, spamming his 1, 2, and 4 key while being sure to trample any dismounted guys to ensure they do not re-mount. The second phase he focuses DPS on the
Minimum requirements to multibox 5 World of Warcrafts  | read this item
Minimum requirements to multibox 5 World of Warcrafts
This post will explain the minimum requirements to run 5 World of Warcrafts on 1 PC effectively. Just how do we define “effectively”? 1x World of Warcraft standing in Orgrimmar, 5 yards away from the main bank mailbox, achieving 40 frames-per-second, with the other 4 games achieving 15 or more frames-per-second.   System must be using Vista64 and not have any special hard drive or video card assignments (eg RAID, SLI).

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What is multiboxing?

Multiboxing is a term used to denote one user playing multiple accounts simultaneously. Typically you will have 1 player controlling multiple characters at the same time.

For example, in World of Warcraft, 1 person may be controlling 5 Shamans at the same time.

Highlighted Videos – Pit of Saron