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End of Arena Season 7  | read this item
End of Arena Season 7
If you’re like a lot of our level 80 multiboxers, you probably go in and lose your ten games for the week and then absorb your free points and enjoy reduced pvp gear honor costs.  Well, the end of season 7 could just be a couple short weeks away.  Blizzard announced yesterday that season 7 is set to end on January 19th.  As per the usual, we’ll get a new Vault of Archavon boss, a new set of PVP gear  (should be iLevel 277) and the current top gear available for stupid amounts of honor.  I suspect we’ll also get the new set of gear available for frost badges. All in all, this is definitely business as usual for the end of the season.  If you’re saving up for a piece of gear right now, I’d suggest holding on to your honor and just splurging when the new season starts on the next tier of gear up.  Enjoy your PVPing.
World of Warcraft hotfixes for January 5th  | read this item
World of Warcraft hotfixes for January 5th
Seems like Blizzard is trying to make up for not having any hotfixes this past week.  Some heroic nerfs and some raid nerfs.  Also, some item fixes.  Just a ton of hotfixes today. Enjoy the read Hopefully you guys benefit from the fixes a lot.
SpamThrottle for World of Warcraft  | read this item
SpamThrottle for World of Warcraft
I’ll occasionally be mentioning some rather great addons.  For the first of this series, I’m going to be telling you about SpamThrottle.  First, let me bring this all into context. A lot of the multiboxers here play on the Blackrock-US server.  Its one of the oldest, most-crowded, most-competitive servers that Blizzard has.  There are raid PUGs forming for everything from old world content, to the weekly raid quests, to heroic farming, to even Trial of the Grand Crusader and the new Icecrown instances.   Until 3.3, the best place to find and build a PuG was the Trade channel. 
Blizzard is giving away Alienware...ware.  | read this item
Blizzard is giving away Alienware…ware.
For what I’m assuming is a total ripoff of one of our own contests (RIP multiboxing video contest), Blizzard is offering up a rather nice credit towards an Alienware desktop or notebook.  Of course, this isn’t about making a multiboxing video.  This is more towards the RP side of the World of Warcraft.  The movies themselves can be pretty much whatever you want as long as they are done in-game.  So, test out your movie making skills (again), and get a PC. And If you don’t have time for movie-making, they’re offering a raffle for a i7 PC.
Happy Holidays from omgMooter  | read this item
Happy Holidays from omgMooter
Recently, omgMooter got his early Christmas present from  A Sony Playstation 3.  Lucky guy.  Well, assuming Tim is ever able to sort out getting it to him, he’ll be having a happy holiday.  Well, in return we got a cool little pic from him to celebrate the holidays and to celebrate multiboxing.  So, if you believe in Santa, then you should know that you can multibox Santa for uber amounts of gifts. Thanks for the pic Mooter, and happy holidays.
Because I love concept art  | read this item
Because I love concept art
For the 5 anniversary of WoW (aka 15 anniversary of Warcraft), Blizzard has been running a photo submission contest.  In it, you’d take a picture of yourself and in some way add either the Horde or the Alliance insignia.  Some of them are creative, some of them not so much.  But one thing they have in common is that they’re passionate about Warcraft. So, choose your side!
Why there are no Cross-Realm raids... yet.  | read this item
Why there are no Cross-Realm raids… yet.
Let me preface this with what Blizzard’s viewpoints are on this. Bornakk - Doing this is a bit more complicated than the 5 player dungeons. For 5 player dungeons it’s not a big deal to allow the random heroics to skip lock
World of Warcraft for Cheap  | read this item
World of Warcraft for Cheap
The US side of things got their awesome deal the weekend of black friday.  Where WoW was selling for $5.  Now, its time for the EU side of things to get their turn.  This weekend only, the Blizzard online store is cutting
Reviews: Merc Stealth Keyboard  | read this item
Reviews: Merc Stealth Keyboard
TheMuffinMan decided let us take a look at his gaming keyboard.  A rather nice review of a gaming peripheral.  He highlights what he loves about the keyboard.  And he has plenty of love for it. TheMuffinMan - I love using they keyboard for many reasons. The biggest thing I like about it is that so many keys are just within a twitch of a move of my fingertips or my thumb and RARELY require me (usually only when I am boxing a full group) to move my hand at all. If I had to have 1 thing I did not like about it, its that (to save room on the width of the keyboard because of the left extensino) their is no “group” of buttons for Insert/Delete/Home/End etc… you have to turn the num-lock off and use the num-pad for those functions. Kinda a pain when I am working on software, but I could care less while playing WoW.
WoW hotfixes December 17th  | read this item
WoW hotfixes December 17th
These did come down last night, but I just now caught them. 12/17/09 Everlasting Affliction can now refresh the duration of Corruption on a target when the Warlock casts Drain Soul. Sweeping Strikes will now only trigger once per whirlwind rotation of Bladestorm. Players will now receive appropriate credit for the Full House achievement. Remember, these won’t go into effect until your realm restarts.
Winter Veil is Live  | read this item
Winter Veil is Live
On tuesday, all the festivities began.  Its that time of year again for lots of festive ambiguously-christian holiday celebrations.  Expect plenty of snowballs, snowmen, reindeer, and presents.  Of course you can’t forget that wonderful addition to Alterac Valley.  Snowballs that’ll make you enjoy the joy that can only be had by Fire Mages, Boomkin, and Elemental Shaman.  Watch them fly. WoWhead has an awesome guide to get you from 0 to achievement as quickly as possible.  Enjoy the holidays.
A Deeper understanding of the New Need/Greed System  | read this item
A Deeper understanding of the New Need/Greed System
Like most times that new things have come up in WoW, there are certain areas of gray that require the player base to “use its best judgement”.  This has come up a lot with the new LFD loot system.  Yes, I realize this isn’t restricted to LFD, but it is where it shows up the most.  Many people are confused about certain situations about when to need or greed or now disenchant. Blizzard has actually been pretty good about clarifying some things for us.  Granted, they’re not the best at making sure the information gets as far out as possible.  The forum-goers usually get the information first and it trickles down very grassrootsy to what I’d like to call the “have-nots” or non-forum-goers. Take it away Bornakk -
Blizzard hints at hidden Wintergrasp bonuses  | read this item
Blizzard hints at hidden Wintergrasp bonuses
I know this system has been in place for a while now, they’ve actually hinted at it before a couple of times. This is actually the first time a Blizzard employee has actually started a thread on the topic. Judging from the amount of ‘wha?’ going on in the thread, its pretty obvious that there are still many people that aren’t aware of this particular mechanic. So, I’ll give you the gist of it. When Blizzard first talked about Wintergrasp at BlizzCon ‘08, they knew the biggest question on peoples’ mind was “What if I’m seriously outnumbered?”. The answer to that was the Tenacity we all know and love. A buff recalculated at intervals that culminates in a buff to health, healing, and damage. Presumably, this would allow a single player to take on many opponents (or a multiboxer taking on an entire team) when their own team is seriously outnumbered. There are people on both the giving and receiving end of the buff that will point out the flaws and argue whether or not it even works as intended. However, Blizzard has only hinted at a far less quantitative buff that is in place in case a faction seriously “outmatches” another.
WoW Hotfixes for December 15th, 2009  | read this item
WoW Hotfixes for December 15th, 2009
Seems these are wonderfully (or annoyingly) common.  This time, they’re half reversing the drop rate change to the Battered Hilt.  Now, those of you that want a sparkly new sword like mine can more likely get it.  In addition, Quel’Delar is now Unique-equipped.  That didn’t make sense to me, because the questline is not repeatable (supposedly).  So, in theory, you should never have a second one that would conflict with the first one in the first place.  But I digress. Among the other changes, is that you can now complete the “Perfect Run” of Naxxramas in any order you choose.  Maybe I missed something here, but couldn’t you do that before?  Probably a bug with doing the immortal run Saph/K’T first. Blizzard is squashing bugs left and right.
Blizzard Healer Discussion for Cataclysm  | read this item
Blizzard Healer Discussion for Cataclysm
Ghostcrawler has been busy in a rather length thread about healing in World of Warcraft now and into Cataclysm.  Sure a lot of it has been mostly rehashing on concepts that have been gone over time and again, but its always nice to be able to take a look into their heads.  Some of the things that have been discussed are mana management, downranking, and health vs healing vs inc damage.  The thread has been going for over a week so there is definitely a lot of reading to catch up on, so let me start you off here. The general theory behind healing in Cataclysm is that you’ll no longer (see also less often) be spamming heals like a mad-man.  To accomplish this, Blizzard is making it so tanks won’t be one or even two-shotted.  At the same time, healers will not be able to one or even two-heal a tank from low to full health.  This will, of course, lessen the stress of healers to heal or die.  And at the same time, the efficiency of healing compared to mana pools will be significantly reduced, making not healing an important aspect of the healer’s job.  Sort of a pick the time and place of your heals.
Guide to the new Icecrown 5-mans  | read this item
Guide to the new Icecrown 5-mans
The final assault on the Lich King has begun and its up to you to secure victory for the forces of the Ashen Verdict. Sylvannas (or Jaina if youre one of THOSE people) leads you on a action-packed journey to Arthas’ guest house. The Icecrown Citadel 5-man dungeons are the toughest challenges you’ll find outside a raid, and it doesnt disappoint. The new heroics push every bit of your skill and if you survive… well… good luck in the raid. You’re ready for it. gives us a look at the questline and dungeons that make up the stealth recon assault into the back halls of the citadel.
3.3.0a Hits the Live Server  | read this item
3.3.0a Hits the Live Server
If you haven’t played in a few days (does the daystar still burn?), you may have missed the mini-patch that came down the pipes.  What it actually does is anyone’s guess.  Supposedly, there are a few bug fixes.  But since Blizzard didn’t feel it necessary to tell us what is actually getting fixed, I’ll just have to make my own patch notes.
Looking at the new Dungeon Finder system.  | read this item
Looking at the new Dungeon Finder system.
When 3.3 launched last week, it introduced a highly-streamlined way of getting into a instance group. Before you could only put your name in for 3 different dungeons. On top of that it was hard to slap together a group that was viable from the scraps that join the LFG queue. Now, WoW does the heavy lifting for you. Itll slap together a viable group (assuming no one lied about their role) that is geared enough to run the content. Not only that, but the player pool is expanded to the battlegroup. Youll even get bonus loot from joining random dungeons. Its a good time to PVE.
Take a pic, Win a cup.  | read this item
Take a pic, Win a cup.
Alright, its fair to say that Blizzard doesn’t have nearly as cool of contests as we here at  But really, how can you compete with such awesome giveaways as video cards and PS3s just for hitting your screencap key or drawing like a 1st grader.  But if you like your drinks in overly elaborate cups, then check out Blizzard’s new contest.  Its not the incredibly awesome tech gear you’ll find with our contests, but you can’t blame them for trying.
The 96969 Rotation.  | read this item
The 96969 Rotation.
Often times here at, we get into discussions where people come forth and confess that they’re completely clueless about something.  This, of course, is where we come some further discussions and some really great guides.  One such discussion led to both Tim and myself saying how much we didn’t know about “96969″.  That sparked not one, but two different looks at the rotation all put into a single thread.  Such wonderful things come from not knowing something. And now a look a paladin tanking.

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What is multiboxing?

Multiboxing is a term used to denote one user playing multiple accounts simultaneously. Typically you will have 1 player controlling multiple characters at the same time.

For example, in World of Warcraft, 1 person may be controlling 5 Shamans at the same time.

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